Our consulting services include:

CDS Financial Modeling Services

Financial Modeling

Financial modeling of a project assists a client with defining the basic parameters and performance standards of a project and translating that information into land, building, parking and expansion requirements.

CDS will define estimated costs for land development, building shell and core construction and build-out cost including all finishes, fixtures, systems and equipment. The result is a baseline financial model to assist with corporate approvals, economic incentive negotiations, financing and land acquisition.

CDS Financial Modeling Services

Site Evaluation And Analysis

CDS’s knowledge of site development and construction costs provides an owner the information to make informed decisions on land purchases by understanding the impact of the site development cost to the Financial Model.

Our experience and objective evaluation of the merits of each site provide an appraisal that balances the cost of the land and cost to improve the land so that each parcel is presented based upon the ultimate projected development cost.

CDS Financial Modeling Services

Project Management

The success of the pre-construction and construction phases of a project’s development are contingent upon the timely and coordinated performance of the owner, design team and construction manager.

CDS’s role is to act as an extension of the owner’s internal staff to support the competitive procurement of the project team members; the contract management of the engagements and to represent the owner throughout the development, construction and build-out process.

CDS Financial Modeling Services

Furniture and Equipment Planning

CDS can lead the analysis of procurement and installation options for owner furnished items such as office and systems furniture, telecommunications and data, audio-visual systems and security. We work with the owner’s preferred vendors or select firms through a competitive bid process.

Detailed request for proposal packages include program requirements, budget, schedule and the form of engagement. Upon appointment, CDS project management staff will coordinate the work to ensure that each owner furnished item is installed and operational when the project is complete.

CDS Financial Modeling Services

Project Audit and Reconciliation

The complexities of construction can present unique challenges to reconciling a project’s costs.  Even with clear lines of accountability, the overlapping responsibilities of the owner, architect, contractor, subcontractors and suppliers can be difficult to manage.

CDS’s independent audit services provide clients with the peace of mind that all costs charged to their construction project conform to the terms and conditions of the executed agreements.  As part of our review, we will also confirm entitlement for cost overruns and scrutinize the compensation for additional work.

Our field surveys will confirm the equipment being used in the construction of your project is as specified and that all warranties and test data have been provided to you as required.

Lastly, prior to their expirations we provide warranty surveys to assure you have every opportunity for uninterrupted use of your new facility for years to come.

CDS Financial Modeling Services


We understand some clients only wish to engage us for discrete services in the development process. CDS consulting services provide our clients with this flexibility including access to our strategic consulting relationships.

CDS Financial Modeling Services

Estimating and Cost Management

The goal of the CDS Cost Control System is to develop a platform that will accurately establish and track the budget and contingency against costs incurred and equally important, forecast costs to complete.

The platform will include multiple cost centers within the project such as land development, shell building, general upfit, information services, equipment, furnishings, A/E fees, legal fees, relocation expenses, allowance, and changes. It will provide “real time” reports in any number of formats required by the client.

CDS can adapt its cost reporting procedures to take maximum advantage of existing client’s cost accounting system and develop supplemental reports as required. CDS will also determine cash flow projections based on the length of the project and the percentage of the work completed during each phase of the project. Lastly, Matrix will recommend procedures that should be considered for incorporation during construction.

CDS can also determine cash flow projections based on the length of the project and the percentage of the work completed during each phase of the project. Lastly, we will recommend procedures that should be considered for incorporation during construction.

CDS Financial Modeling Services

Schedule Management

Successful projects begin with a management approach that integrates due diligence, programming, budget, design, schedule, logistics and construction. CDS will work to assimilate the client staff, design team members, and construction manager into an integrated Project Team.

CDS will organize the work by duties and responsibilities and lines of authority. All will be reflected in a Strategic Development Schedule.

CDS will assist the client in determining the requirements for occupancy, phasing and project duration. We will establish milestones and major events, including client decisions and approval activities, procurement dates, construction milestones, phasing and handover. The schedule will be organized by responsibility, sequence and duration and will provide real-time scheduling support to the client, club members, the design team and other project team members.

In managing the project schedule, CDS will develop additional individualized reports and special topic schedules as applicable, i.e. for design modification, special fit-outs, special close outs, testing, commissioning, etc.

CDS Financial Modeling Services

Real Estate Development

For clients who wish to own their building but lack the experience or time to develop the facility themselves, CDS can provide the technical resources, experience and financial structure to make the project a reality.

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